About Us

FunnyShirts.com - We Take Funny Shirts Seriously.

Welcome to FunnyShirts.com. If you wear clothes and have a sense of humor, this site is for you. Our only goal is to put funny stuff on top-quality shirts for you, our customers. And we take that goal very seriously.

Every shirt has a multi-point comedy inspection to make sure the humor is spot-on. You like absurd jokes? We have that. Dry comedy? Absolutely. Slightly risqué laughs? You betcha. Holiday hahas? Mmmhmm. How about just plain ol’ funny? It’s in our name, so yes.

All of our designs are 100% original, created by our staff of comedians, artists, and customer-submitted ideas. (If some designs look familiar to you, that’s because we are affiliated with T-Shirt Hell and the two sites have many designs in common.)

All of our apparel is printed in the USA on top-quality fabric with the best industry-standard inks available. International orders may be printed and shipped from countries closer to the purchaser to expedite the process, but we’re not some big multinational corporation, we are a small business based in Southern California, with 20+ years experience in the garment industry.

We guarantee the quality of our shirts against defects and errors. Our return policy, as well as sizing information, is viewable on the page of every individual shirt.

Like Chucks and blue jeans, funny t-shirts never go out of style. With all the folks out there that seem to have lost their sense of humor, it’s more important than ever to let the world know that you’re still one of the funny ones. And we can help. It’s our mission. And we take it very seriously.

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